Why is Stage 2 Networks different from other service providers?

The answer is simple. Stage 2 Networks has a unique combination of the right solutions, approach, experience, reach, value, service and quality that is unmatched in the industry. We have an enviable track record of success in the design and deployment of comprehensive, state-of-the-art and future-proof voice and network solutions.

  • Our People – Each member of the Stage 2 has advanced technological expertise, in-depth specialized skills, industry experience, and proven abilities. They are proven voice experts, who are true masters of their craft. Despite our relatively small size, we are able to consistently provide our customers with a dedicated, highly personal level of service and support that clients typically don’t experience from a larger, more impersonal voice service provider.
  • Our Approach – At Stage 2, we know that voice is complex, We also realize that each of our clients has unique needs and requirements. Our solutions address the specific and unique needs of your business, including the re-use of equipment and infrastructure to limit costly capital expenditures (CapEx) and greatly improve your return on investment (ROI).
  • Our Technology – Stage 2 Networks offers a comprehensive suite of the best-of-breed hosted voice solutions in the industry. Backed by trusted industry leaders like BroadSoft, CISCO and Acme Packet,  our switches and equipment are recognized as the most reliable and scalable options in the market. The circuits we deliver (whether it’s DSL, T1, EoC, or Fiber) are engineered on the layer 2 or data link layer of our network, assuring guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and reliability.

Will my telephone work the same way when switching to Stage 2 Networks?

Yes. There is no need to change your phone number or extensions when moving to Stage 2. We can port existing local phone numbers across most of the United States and throughout much of Europe.

When I switch my service to Stage 2, will my telephone number remain the same?

Yes. There is no need to change your phone number or extensions when moving to Stage 2. We can port existing local phone numbers across most of the United States and throughout much of Europe.

Will there be any interruption of service when I move to Stage 2?

The move is relatively seamless, as service will not be interrupted for more than a few minutes while we move your numbers onto the Stage 2 network. Additionally, we schedule this change after business hours to ensure there is no disruption to the smooth operation of your business.

Do I need to call my previous telecommunications carrier to disconnect service?

Typically you will not need to call your previous carrier. If you receive a bill from your previous carrier for a time frame that overlaps with Stage 2′s invoicing, simply give your previous carrier a call and they should be able to issue you a credit.

Can I keep my current long distance carrier?

You decide which long distance carrier you would like to use and you may change carriers at any time. Stage 2 is constantly working with carriers to bring our customers some of the most competitive long distance rates.

Are the rates that I’ve been given by Stage 2 “guaranteed,” or are they subject to change?

While the rates we quote are not guaranteed, Stage 2 brings the most competitive rates to your market. We constantly strive to provide premium quality services at the most competitive prices available.

Where do I call if I am having any issues with my VoIP or Internet service?

Stage 2′s Engineering Department works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be reached at 1.800.STAGE2-0/1.866.782.4320.

How much do Stage 2′s services cost?

With our wide range of products, services and features, pricing can vary. Contact a Stage 2 Agent for a pricing proposal at 1.212.497.8099 or sales@stage2networks.com. We would like to work with you to meet your needs.

I currently receive several bills for my telephone and Internet service. Can Stage 2 Networks consolidate these on one invoice?

Yes. Stage 2 can consolidate all of your local, long distance, Internet and data services on one monthly bill.

What period does my Stage 2 bill cover?

Stage 2′s billing period runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

What are the taxes and surcharges on my bill?

Taxes and surcharges on your telephone bill are mandated by local, state and federal agencies. Stage 2 is required by the government to collect all taxes and surcharges from its customers. Since the government sets these charges, all phone companies charge similar surcharges. If you have any questions about your bill please call Stage 2 Customer Service at 1.800.STAGE2-0/1.866.782.4320.

What do I do if I continue to receive bills from my previous carrier?

Contact your previous carrier and tell them the date on which you switched your services to Stage 2.

I have multiple offices; some are in different states or countries. Can Stage 2 bill all locations on one master invoice?

Yes. Stage 2′s billing system will allow you to consolidate several locations onto one bill. Your new invoice will detail exact charges for each location, allowing your company to track calling patterns for each location.

Can I track calls made from my office by department, projects or clients?

Yes. The Stage 2 billing system can assign account codes to track your calls and expenses. Each account code has its own summary page on the bill.

How do I access/set up my VM?

From the phone, press the Messages button, the Connect soft key, dial your pass code, and listen for options.

Where can I get a list of all my employees/coworkers with phone numbers, extensions?

Log into the Web Portal, click on Utilities, Enterprise Directory, and Search. A list of all employees will appear. OR Click on the Group Directory icon on the Assistant Toolbar for a list of all employees.

How do I forward my phone?

From the phone, press the Forward soft key, highlight the type of forward you want by using the up and down arrow keys, press the Select soft key. Enter a phone number or extension in the Contact field and press the Enable soft key. To disable the forward, follow the same steps, and press the Disable soft key.


From the Assistant Toolbar click on the Call Forward Always icon, add a phone number or extension and click the Apply button. The icon will turn a different color. To disable the forward, click on the icon again. The icon will change back to its original color.

If I have an employee change roles or leave, how do I change the name on the phone?

Call Customer Care directly at: 1-800-Stage2.0, or open a Trouble ticket.

Why are my calls going to VM?

From your phone, confirm Do Not Disturb is not enabled, confirm your Forwards are not enabled. If all of these features are correctly configured, call Customer Care and a staff member will trouble shoot the issue with you.

How do I change my toolbar password?

First, log into the Web Portal, and look in the Profile section. Click on Passwords, enter your current password, your new password twice, then click the Ok or Apply button to save. On the Assistant Toolbar, click the green button to log out, then the orange button to display your Log In Options box. Click the Account link and change the password to the same as the Web Portal, then click the Ok button and the box will close and your Toolbar will illuminate.

How do I set up Speed/Directory dials on my phone?

From the phone, click on the Directories button, confirm Contact Directory is highlighted, press the Select soft key, the Add or More soft key, then Add, enter First Name, Last Name, etc. then press the Save soft key. Use the up and down Arrow keys to move from line to line and use the Alpha/Numeric soft key to type names and numbers or extensions. The Speed Dial List appears when you press the up Arrow key on the phone.

How do I remotely check my VM?

Dial your phone number, and when your VM greeting answers press the * key. You will be prompted to enter your pass code; listen for options.