Stage 2 Networks believes that it’s our responsibility to provide you with access to educational and user documentation on how to use our products and services. All businesses experience change in employees, locations and employee responsibilities that require the need to be able to provide training or support on an as-needed and warp speed fashion.

We want to make it easy for you to access “what you want, when you want it”, or to offer an employee the ability to research their own specific needs. So, we’ve provided a reference library for your use.  Simply click on the product you are interested in and then select User Guide or Training and blast off to gaining the information you need!

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HALO – Unified Communications
PRISM – Call Reporting
iO Complete – Cloud Voice
iO Complete – 10 Reasons to Choose Cloud VoIP for Your Business
iO Connect – PBX Voice
QUANTUM – MPLS Diversified

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