Helping a Public Relations Firm Stay Connected

“Those of us that are in the Public Relations field know that in order to be a successful PR firm, you need to provide 24X7 availability, reachability and reliability for your clients, many of whom are located overseas. That requires a phone system and special telephone network provider who understands and shares your values. That is why I chose Stage 2 Networks—a service provider that I can trust and rely on to keep my phone system operating with effectively 100% reliability.”


Nike Communications is a full service public relations firm specializing in the marketing and promotion of luxury goods and premium lifestyle products. The PR firm represents an elite group of clients and brands that are recognized throughout the world. It successfully adds value to these brands by communicating the brands’ mission, vision and values to target consumers through strategic and effective media programs, special events and point of sale (POS) activities that drive sales.


Stage 2 Networks inherited Nike Communications’ business through an acquisition. Nike Communications was experiencing major issues with its pre-existing network configuration. These problems affected the PR firm’s ability to communicate with its highly mobile workforce, but more importantly, with its clients. Understanding this, Stage 2 senior management committed to providing Nike communication with an incredibly reliable, high-quality and cost-effective telephone system, and implement exactly that in a tight timeframe. This commitment convinced Nike to give Stage 2 one chance to prove it could deliver.


Stage 2 proactively accepted responsibility for Nike Communication’s pre-existing network configuration issues and provided the agency with a dedicated Account Manager who invested the time to personally supervise the carefully planned remediation process.

After an in-depth analysis of the company’s network, Stage 2 executed a comprehensive solution incorporating a full network redesign, configuration modifications and implementation of new infrastructure to resolve the overall issues. As a value-add to its newly designed solution, Stage 2 Networks also implemented a comprehensive failover solution inclusive of an alternate network path to ensure ultimate business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of an office emergency or general inaccessibility.