On the Soapbox: What We Think of Cisco’s Broadsoft Acquisition

Thoughts from telecom leader on the industry’s biggest acquisition.

Last quarter we learned that Cisco is gobbling up Broadsoft, a provider of cloud PBX, unified communications, and contact center solutions, for almost $2BB. Obviously this event piqued our interest since Broadsoft provides the software for our business customers’ unified communications solutions. So we decided to get up on the soapbox and pontificate about what this may mean for the industry and its enterprise clients. Read more

Helping a Public Relations Firm Stay Connected

“Those of us that are in the Public Relations field know that in order to be a successful PR firm, you need to provide 24X7 availability, reachability and reliability for your clients, many of whom are located overseas. That requires a phone system and special telephone network provider who understands and shares your values. That is why I chose Stage 2 Networks—a service provider that I can trust and rely on to keep my phone system operating with effectively 100% reliability.” Read more