Since 2005, Stage 2 Networks has been providing our clients with a robust suite of products that include Cloud Voice, SIP, Unified Communications (UC), internet connectivity and MPLS. Our suite of custom, on-demand voice and data solutions is scalable enough to provide you with an integrated and futuristic communications system. Our solutions are designed to fit your specific needs by a dedicated team of the best voice experts in the universe.

Providing you with the right experience starts with our sales team and is tested as we move through the provisioning process and into continuing service and support. Working with Stage 2 begins with our STELLAR approach:

SITUATION ANALYSIS – Learn about your business, current situation, and future objectives.
TECHNOLOGY REVIEW– Review the type of technical features/functionality you would like to have in the future to meet your objectives.
EXPECTATIONS – Review and clearly define the Stage 2 presales process with you and next steps.
LAN ASSESSMENT – Provide you with a site survey to review the location(s) layout, LAN infrastructure and network topology.
LEARNING/DEMONSTRATION – Educate you on Stage 2’s suite of solutions with an onsite or online demonstration.
ACTION STEPS – After reviewing a proposal and Scope of Work (SOW) make any adjustments needed, provide references, etc.
REACH AGREEMENT – Finalize the agreement and all New Client Documentation needed to launch your new Stage 2 service!

These steps are revisited periodically throughout our relationship so that we continue to listen carefully and understand what you need to make your business more successful. Our goal is to achieve an equinox of service in all phases.

Unlike other VOIP providers, Stage 2 follows up our STELLAR approach with a 5-Star Promise. You’ll get:

1. NYC‐based experts with a combined experience of well over 200 years in the IP and telecommunications field working for you.

2. A tailored solution that scales with your company.

3. A fully redundant, reliable network.

4. Fast, live help when you need it.

5. A hard-working, can-do style of doing business!

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